We Have Our Own Tool And Die Shops

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

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UL Recognized Component Supplier

To assure continuous, optimum production of gaskets, we produce our own steel rule and male/female steel blanking dies.

Our razor-sharp steel rule dies are produced to an accuracy of +/- .005" and our male/female steel blanking dies are accurate to within .0001". We use only premium steel alloys, so our dies outlast any need.

Having our own “in-house” tool and die shops expedites the completion of tooling requirements and minimizes the length of time between engineering and actual production.

Nobody Puts More Emphasis On Quality Control Than We Do

  • Every phase of every one of our production operations is carefully programmed, monitored and controlled. Any gasket we produce or quote is guaranteed to maintain a 1.3 CPK.

  • Each of our Quality Control procedures emphasizes prevention over detection.

  • All raw materials are validated and are carefully inspected within minutes after they arrive. Records are maintained on the quality and the quantity of all materials and whether they arrived from the vendor on time.

  • Product is inspected at each stage of the production process using the latest versions of durometer gages, calipers and micrometers. These gages are calibrated monthly and records are maintained by our computerized document control system.

  • Tooling is verified by our state of the art ACU-GAGE Video Coordinate Measuring Machine (VCMM) which features a Quadra Check 4000 Computer, Windows based metrology software, automatic edge detection, and is capable of magnification 30X - 200X allowing accurate and repeatable layouts.

  • The microprocessor in our CMM handles every conceivable geometric calculation.

  • If chemical analysis is needed, verification is made through an Independent Testing Laboratory.

  • Gasket Fabricators Association Technical Handbook (PDF)


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